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What Happens After I File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, Part 2

I talked a little about the chapter 13 bankruptcy process, from filing your case to getting your repayment plan approved – or “confirmed” – by the bankruptcy court. This part of your chapter 13 case is very important, and sometimes it’s the most…

What Happens After I File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, Part 1

Preparing a well-filed bankruptcy usually takes a lot of work for both the Debtor and their attorney. But if you file for chapter 7 relief, most of the work is generally done once the complete case is filed and the meeting of creditors is scheduled. This is not necessarily the case though when you file […]

The Bankruptcy Process: From your Initial Consultation to Case Filing

Our blog post last week focused on the emergency bankruptcy filing – typically any case filed less than a week after first meeting to discuss your financial situation. Since you should generally only consider an emergency bankruptcy filing as a response to an urgent problem (usually a home foreclosure, car repossession or wage garnishment), you’ll […]

What to Do if You Can’t Make Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment – Part 2

Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy can often be the perfect solution to your debt issues, especially if you’re way behind on mortgage or auto loan payments, or if you need to protect some piece of property (such as a home with significant equity) that you might lose if you filed the more simple, “straight” chapter […]

What to Do if You Can’t Make Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment – Part I

Unless there’s a good reason for doing otherwise, it’s very important to make your chapter 13 bankruptcy payment each month. Section 1307 of the Bankruptcy Code allows for dismissal of a bankruptcy case for a “material default by the debtor with respect to a term of a confirmed plan.” The biggest “term” of your chapter […]

Study: Bankruptcy Improves Life; Improves Society

I feel like I’ve seen these facts demonstrated in real life on hundreds of occasions, but it’s great to see some solid research backing it up. The paper published by Will Dobbie of Harvard University and Jae Song with the Social Security Administration looks at the lives of Debtors who were in the midst of […]

10 Reasons I Love Bankruptcy. No, Seriously

When I was in law school, I had NO thought that I would ever practice bankruptcy law for a living. To be honest, I thought my class on bankruptcy was pretty boring, and I didn’t connect with it. But over the course of the last several years, while helping thousands of individuals and married couples […]

Why file Chapter 13? Keeping the Stuff You Would Lose in Chapter 7

I’ve found over the years that if folks know they need to file bankruptcy, and have learned a little about their options, they usually want or hope to file a chapter 7, or “straight bankruptcy.” After all, chapter 7 means you don’t have to make any more payments on your dischargeable debts. Why would you […]

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