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Can I Borrow Money Before I File Bankruptcy?

Sometimes folks considering filing bankruptcy are in an incredibly tight financial spot, and ask me if they can continue borrowing money before they file for bankruptcy relief. The short answer is “not usually, no”, but it gets a bit more complicated than that, depending on the person’s needs, the type of debt they seek to […]

Do I Have to File My Tax Returns Before I File Bankruptcy?

After working with folks going through financial struggles for nearly 10 years, I’ve come to learn that when people start falling behind on their bills, or when they go through a terrible illness, job loss, or other mentally trying experience, they are often struggling to keep up life’s other requirements. That includes filing taxes. I […]

What Happens After I File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, Part 2

I talked a little about the chapter 13 bankruptcy process, from filing your case to getting your repayment plan approved – or “confirmed” – by the bankruptcy court. This part of your chapter 13 case is very important, and sometimes it’s the most…

What Happens After I File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, Part 1

Preparing a well-filed bankruptcy usually takes a lot of work for both the Debtor and their attorney. But if you file for chapter 7 relief, most of the work is generally done once the complete case is filed and the meeting of creditors is scheduled. This is not necessarily the case though when you file […]

What Are My Options if a Creditor Harrasses Me to Pay a Debt after I File Bankruptcy?

Sure, people rarely want to file for bankruptcy relief, but if you’re drowning in debt, bankruptcy can be a wonderful solution to your financial struggles. One of the greatest aspects of bankruptcy protection is the “automatic stay” which kicks in the minute you file a bankruptcy case. It’s called an automatic stay because it’s a […]

Will I Lose My Tax Refund if I File for Bankruptcy?

With 2018 upon us, we’re within just a few weeks of being able to file our 2017 tax returns – which may mean a big tax refund! For many of my bankruptcy clients, tax refund season is an important time of year. It might mean purchasing that new vehicle they desperately need, or putting new […]

The Bankruptcy Process: From your Initial Consultation to Case Filing

Our blog post last week focused on the emergency bankruptcy filing – typically any case filed less than a week after first meeting to discuss your financial situation. Since you should generally only consider an emergency bankruptcy filing as a response to an urgent problem (usually a home foreclosure, car repossession or wage garnishment), you’ll […]

What is an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing and When is an Emergency Filing a Good Idea?

Here’s a common problem a bankruptcy attorney encounters regularly: A potential client comes in and desperately needs relief from her debts, but is also losing 25% of her paycheck to a creditor who received a judgment against her and who’s now garnishing her wages. She wants to file bankruptcy, but she can’t bear another garnishment […]

Do I Have to Pay My HOA Dues After I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

While the idea of a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) doesn’t appeal to everyone, for some folks in the Denver metro Area, especially in suburbs like Highlands Ranch and Parker, these associations help ensure every house and yard in a neighborhood is kept up to the community’s standard, and keep up common areas such as community parks […]

What to Do if You Can’t Make Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment – Part 2

Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy can often be the perfect solution to your debt issues, especially if you’re way behind on mortgage or auto loan payments, or if you need to protect some piece of property (such as a home with significant equity) that you might lose if you filed the more simple, “straight” chapter […]

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