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Can I Borrow Money Before I File Bankruptcy?

Sometimes folks considering filing bankruptcy are in an incredibly tight financial spot, and ask me if they can continue borrowing money before they file for bankruptcy relief. The short answer is “not usually, no”, but it gets a bit more complicated than that, depending on the person’s needs, the type of debt they seek to […]

Do I Have to File My Tax Returns Before I File Bankruptcy?

After working with folks going through financial struggles for nearly 10 years, I’ve come to learn that when people start falling behind on their bills, or when they go through a terrible illness, job loss, or other mentally trying experience, they are often struggling to keep up life’s other requirements. That includes filing taxes. I […]

What Happens After I File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, Part 2

I talked a little about the chapter 13 bankruptcy process, from filing your case to getting your repayment plan approved – or “confirmed” – by the bankruptcy court. This part of your chapter 13 case is very important, and sometimes it’s the most…

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